this is all it is

Free to Decide


I'm free to decide. If words are spelled upside down. If words are said in the first case. If it's purple instead of gray. If....I'm just free. Like a photo composition.

Free [Dom]... when Horizon is one with Consciousness when the Eye ceases to be Perspective when the Body and the City transgress experience when Dreams are no longer prisoner to Human Hopes when we ebb and flow like a stream in the wilderness clashing against reason, faith and reality, eventually overcoming, ebbing onwards as Souls must

[There is always a horizon beyond the City where no streets or alleys roam, where no window sees. We all have the Vision, we know the words. We all hope to get there]


before computer generated models, we did what we could... in a spirit closer to freedom --- far from civilization

Beauté / Beauty


"Beauty" had a dream. She imagined herself flying, above the city searching for something that wasn't obvious. A detail? A place? A feeling? That was her ultimate goal. Escape from behind bar and start searching. She wasn't quite sure she'll find it. But "Beauty" was a dreamer. And she knew it was out there. Or maybe she was just waiting for us.For you, me, him. To break the bar and let her go free.

Birth Of The Dreamer

There was a time when Souls were heard and Love was kept in a little box of Secrets
Virgin Dreams trembled in hands of despair
Among the hearts of Men whose songs were sung
A Music no instrument could play
A voice unwielded by the mouths of Earth
Only Believed

Like so many plights, it lingered in the Dreams of
The Righteous
The Psalms of the Devout
And the Cathedrals where Hearts are as vast, epic and empty
Save the crystalline Light falling on
Prayers ancient as Dust

There was a Time when the Darkness gave us Light
We ranted
We converted
We conquered
Zealous and Hungry was our Dark-Light
So many Souls

We who are Sword are no more
We who are Gun are no more
We who are Serpent are few
The weight of the Human Body wakens
Soon shall become prophecy,
And wake no more